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The UIUC Campus used 9.2% less raw energy in FY09 than FY08.

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Utilities & Energy Management

Efficient and Cost-effective Energy Production
Within its combined heating, cooling and power production cycle, the University of Illinois is able to co-generate energy
for cost-effective electricity, cooling and heating on campus

The campus operates and maintains a central power plant and three chilled water plants. The central chiller is powered with the steam Abbott creates as a byproduct of electrical generation. The two plants' synergy maximizes the efficiency of the overall utility system. The University of Illinois has operated a co-generation plant at its current location since 1941.

The Abbott Power Plant contains the following equipment:
  • Three natural gas boilers, three coal boilers, and two heat recovery steam generators- name plate capacity totaling 1,265,000 lbs/hr of steam.
  • Ten Turbine Generators - totaling 84 megawatts
The power plant converts the following raw materials into energy directly consumed by the campus:
  • coal
  • natural gas
  • potable water
Abbott's electrical generation currently supplies 75% of the electrical energy used on campus.

Regional Central Chilled Water System
Utility Distribution Infrastructure

Abbott Power Plant - 1941


Abbott Power Plant - 2007